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Image by Janke Laskowski

ENTER Study Days

25-27 March 2024
Toulouse - France

The Land-Based Teacher (Trainer) as a Change Agent
Tackling biodiversity and climate change in education

Every day we are confronted with the consequences of climate change and declining biodiversity. We
often hold sectors responsible for what happens and look for quick solutions. Tense debates
sometimes seem to leave little space for nuances and critical constructive thinking. At the same time,
immense challenges lie ahead for the next generations. Designing and implementing appropriate
teaching seems to be key to dealing with complex issues which in turn generates quality education.
To support these facilitators, the role of the teacher (trainer) is indispensable. Teacher trainers are
also often change agents.

Young people want to contribute to a better world, but it is important that they can work on
concrete actions that lead to visible results. Others are overwhelmed by the environmental and
climate issues they face. That can lead to eco-anxiety: the strain of such challenges can give rise to
mental health problems.

During the ENTER Study Days 2024, we will focus on didactic and pedagogical challenges and
directions that can help to make a difference together. We will discuss the importance of
interdisciplinary collaboration, the power of diversity, inclusion, responding to regional and local
agricultural and environmental needs and connecting theory with practice and vice versa.
Let's further shape learning for sustainable development! Individually we can do a lot, but together
we achieve much more on a European level.

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